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Why Can't I Get Anything Done?

My workbook explores the causes of procrastination and what is continually distracting us.

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My Daily Accomplishment Journal

Instead of to-do lists, acknowledge your daily accomplishments and give yourself recognition of a job well done!

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My Haunted Reality

I have a science background and try to find answers for all of the unexplained things that have happened in my life.

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About me

“You’re not going to kill yourself. From that height, you’ll probably just bounce and break a lot of bones.” I am a writer/director, life coach and teacher; working in all aspects for over 15 years. I tell all of my clients that we can only hold onto one emotion at a time, whether it be fear, anger, grief, or depression. If I make you laugh, I have instantly put your feet back on the ground again and replaced that emotion with the feeling of joy. The medicine of laughter.

Before you jump on me for making light of a serious situation, my intention is keep you focused and on track. You have not come this far on your journey to only come this far. Unless you are totally stoic, life is naturally a roller coaster and even the lowest lows will reveal a glimmer of light up ahead. Ride it out. You really do deserve to be happy, rewarded and recognized for all you do.

I see so many clients mentally spinning from all of the things on their unending to-do lists. Instead of creating another to-do list, I have created, “My Daily Accomplishment Journal.” Here you are able to look back on everything you’ve actually completed and can give yourself the well-deserved recognition and acknowledgment for getting things done. This positive reinforcement can do wonders for silencing the to-do list whispers that keep you up at night.

Our next step is to realize how much we are procrastinating. My workbook, “Why Can’t I Get Anything Done?” delves deeper into realizing our addictions, insecurities and low self-esteem. We learn to understand our procrastination through defining the causes of our lack of concentration by listing our distractions, examining our mental and physical health including stress, negative beliefs and fear of failure. The objective is that there is now nothing stopping you from getting things done, including all of the “Forever Tasks” listed in the back of the workbook.

After my near death experience on a motorcycle, I started to look at all of the unexplained things that have happened in my life, leading me to write, “My Haunted Reality.” I have a science background, but there are situations that still to this day, do not have an explanation. This was my thought as all of my TV scripts were initially written as horror stories but I found I couldn’t sleep at night. I went back to how I dealt with my clients and how much I enjoyed making people laugh. I converted all of my scripts to comical recollections of my life. As my quote reads on the back of my journal, “Life is not about ‘later’ while waiting for something to happen. Life is right now. Here are your tools. Let’s get started!”

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Why Life Coaching?


Together we can find your true, authentic voice once again and show you how to walk away from fear, anxiety, pain, addiction, panic attacks and even thoughts of suicide.


One of the images I receive most often is my client standing in front of themselves. I need to show you how to get out of your own way so you can define and accomplish your goals, attract opportunity and stop self-sabotaging!


Let's return the fear to where it came from so you can see the choices in front of you clearly and initiate a positive change in your job, relationships or habits. I will show you how to stop trying to control, fix and force everything, and just let it come to you.


Breathe, relax, and let go. You will begin to experience a feeling of freedom and connection. inspiration returns and your life begins to unfold in some truly amazing ways!


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Barnes & Noble Book Signing
3:00 am - 6:00 am
Glendale, CA
I will be signing copies of my Best-Selling book, "My Haunted Reality" at the Barnes & Noble Store inside the Americana, Glendale, CA
3:00 am - 6:00 am
Hollywood, CA
10:00 am - 11:00 am
New York NY, US


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Life is not about "later", waiting for something to happen. Life is right now. Let's get started.